Tesla Model S teaches eardrum-assaulting turbo Honda Civic a hard lesson

[Credit: Lars Mars Cars/YouTube]

A Tesla Model S P85D, together with its younger, faster brother, the Model S P100D, recently took to the track to battle several high-performance ICE vehicles. In a series of bouts, the two Teslas established themselves as the cars to beat on the strip, with the P85D even teaching a heavily-tuned Honda Civic a hard lesson in acceleration after the latter opted to assault the ears of surrounding people by intentionally backfiring.

The two Tesla Model S’ day at the track was uploaded by YouTube racing channel Lars Mars Cars. As could be seen in the video, the two full-sized electric family sedans, including the older P85D, showed that when it comes to acceleration, it takes a monstrous amount of upgrades to give the Teslas some competition.

Most notable in the video was a bout between the Tesla Model S P85D and a heavily-modified 550 hp turbo Honda Civic with a full drag racing setup. During the seconds leading up to the race, the driver of the Japanese-made tuner decided to rev his engine hard, causing extremely loud noises from its exhaust and assaulting the ears of one of the drag strip’s staff.

As soon as the race began, the tuned Civic accelerated, popping even more as it shot forward. By this time, however, the Model S P85D was already ahead. Thanks to the P85D’s twin electric motors that produce instant torque, the all-electric family sedan was able to establish an early lead against the tuner.

Apart from the heavily tuned Civic, the Model S P85D also battled a series of opponents, including a Supercharged Ford Mustang 4.6k, a Ford Mustang GT, and a 1000+ hp Nissan GT-R. Among its opponents, the P85D only fell to the insanely tuned GT-R with more than 1000 hp. As for the Tesla Model S P100D, the all-electric family sedan also performed well, beating a Nissan GT-R with more than 500+ hp. The P100D also had a notably late launch against an Audi RS6 C7 wagon, but it appeared to have caught up to the German high-performance car as the race went on. Just like its older sibling, the P100D was only beaten by the 1000+ hp Nissan GT-R.

Overall, the Model S P85D, despite being older than the P100D, proved that it was still a formidable force on the drag strip. The P85D, after all, is Tesla’s first all-wheel drive Model S that made headlines for being a full-sized family sedan with a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds. Tesla eventually made the vehicle even faster through its “Ludicrous” upgrade, catapulting the vehicle to elite performance status and become the winner of Motor Trend’s “World’s Greatest Drag Race.”

Watch the Tesla Model S duo race several high-performance ICE vehicles in the video below.

Tesla Model S teaches eardrum-assaulting turbo Honda Civic a hard lesson
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