ADL ends feud with Elon Musk and X, resumes advertisements

Credit: Elon Musk/X

It appears that the feud between Elon Musk’s social media platform, X, and the Anti Defamation League (ADL) has ended, at least for now. In a recent press release, the ADL noted that it acknowledges X’s efforts to combat antisemitism. The group will be resuming its advertisements on X, too. 

“We appreciate X’s stated intent over the last few weeks to address antisemitism and hate on the platform. This has been useful; more needs to be done; and, as we have with other companies, in the spirit of collaboration, we are hopeful that we can continue to engage with X on this important matter. 

“We want to do so because ADL fights antisemitism, hate, and extremism across all platforms and regardless of party or ideology. We attempt to work with each platform in a constructive manner. We engage with all of them routinely on how to make their platforms better,” the ADL wrote. 

The ADL, however, also argued that any allegations suggesting that it had pushed for a boycott that ultimately cost X billions in losses were false. The ADL noted that such a notion could be easily disproven by the fact that ADL advertisements had been running on X until a few weeks ago. 

“To be clear, any allegation that ADL has somehow orchestrated a boycott of X or caused billions of dollars of losses to the company or is “pulling the strings” for other advertisers is false. Indeed, we ourselves were advertising on the platform until the anti-ADL attacks began a few weeks ago. We now are preparing to do so again to bring our important message on fighting hate to X and its users.

“A better, healthier, and safer X would be a win for the world. We’ve said that publicly and repeatedly, and we hope that company leadership shares that goal as well. As we do with all platforms, we will credit X as it moves in that direction, and we also will call it out when it has not,” the ADL wrote. 

Elon Musk has welcomed the ADL’s update, thanking the organization for supporting X. Musk also thanked the ADL for resuming its advertising activities on the social media platform. “Thank you for clarifying that you support advertising on X. And also very much appreciate that ADL has bought advertising on X,” Musk wrote. 

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ADL ends feud with Elon Musk and X, resumes advertisements
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