Apple TV’s show and Elon Musk’s Boring Co. share suspiciously similar logo design

The Boring Company's latest innovations on display in test ride video. | Image: Steve Jurvetson/YouTube

Elon Musk can be credited for inspiring several industries, but The Boring Company’s graphic design is perhaps a bit surprising as a candidate, especially when the inspired company is well known for its graphics-focused hardware, software, and product packaging.

Apple TV+ has a new series coming this fall that stars some top talent, but the production’s logo doesn’t look so new. It’s titled “The Morning Show,” and it looks like Boring’s giant black dot in its name design found its way into Apple’s new show logo. The layout of the show’s logo is also the same as Boring’s logo.

(Image: Apple TV+)
(Image: The Boring Company)

Perhaps minimalism is the culprit. After all, The Boring Company has a simple design that was created even quicker than the digging venture itself manifested from a tweet, and Apple is big on minimalism even at the expense of headphone jacks. Or perhaps both companies used the same logo generator or logo bidding company. Obviously, it’s not clear what happened, and just as unclear is how Apple TV+ would green light a logo that is so strikingly similar to a prominent logo for a company that’s not exactly underground in terms of social media presence.

Trademarks have their own legal conditions, of course, which might give Apple all the room it needs to use their logo no matter how much it looks like The Boring Company’s logo. They’re in different classes of goods, meaning their customer bases are separate and therefore shouldn’t cause confusion, more or less. The Morning Show logo was filed for audio and video recordings, broadcasting, and ongoing TV drama series as well as related entertainment services. The Boring Company’s logo was filed for research, development, design, testing, and consulting services in the field of high speed transportation of passengers and goods.

The Boring Company’s logo is on all matters of merchandise and equipment.

Notably, neither entity has a registered trademark yet, although The Boring Company’s word mark should be registered soon and the graphic mark should be ready for registration soon, according to records at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The Morning Show’s trademark, on the other hand, has encountered an Examiner that thinks it’s too descriptive of a mark for registration. The trademark application filed is also just for the words, not the graphic logo that’s being used in the show. It’s all pretty boring legalese, but the overall similarities between the two projects is interesting overall.

Unless Boring is planning on starting some sort of reality series soon, the two companies will probably only ever share a big dot in common. The Morning Show doesn’t sound like anything related to transportation or heavy machinery, either. That is, unless the characters ironically cover a Boring Company news story for some reason.

“The news is only half the story. The Morning Show stars Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon, Emmy winner Jennifer Aniston and Golden Globe winner Steve Carell in a high-stakes drama that pulls back the curtain on the morning news,” the show’s summary reads on Apple TV’s YouTube channel.

Regardless of what happened or what will happen with the marks, we’ve all learned that big dots are all the rage apparently.

If you’re curious, you can watch The Morning Show’s trailer below:

Apple TV’s show and Elon Musk’s Boring Co. share suspiciously similar logo design
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