Audi launches short range e-tron in Norway with Tesla Model 3-comparable price

(Credit; Audi)

As part of its EV push into the European market, Audi has launched a 71 kWh, shorter-range version of its e-tron SUV in Norway. Dubbed the e-tron 50, the all-electric vehicle comes loaded with a generous set of standard features and is priced at a very competitive NOK 499,999 (around $55,300) including shipping and delivery in Oslo. 

The e-tron 50 looks exactly the same as its more expensive sibling, the 204-mile, 95 kWh e-tron 55. Audi included an impressive list of standard features for the e-tron 50, such as adaptive air suspension, heated front seats, LED headlights, cruise control, and electric tailgate, a heat pump, and extra heating for the interior and battery, to name a few. 

The e-tron 50 at NOK 499,999 is notably more affordable than its longer-range sibling, which retails for around NOK 160,000 (about $17,700) more. The vehicle’s price comes with some drawbacks, as the entry-level e-tron 50, with its 71 kWh battery pack, is rated for over 300 kilometers (186 miles) per charge even with the region’s rather optimistic WLTP standard. With this in mind, an EPA range that’s closer to ~150 miles per charge would likely be true for the e-tron 50. 

As noted in a report from Norwegian media outlet DINside, a key factor that would likely determine the e-tron 50’s success or failure is the market’s reception to its shorter range. The longer-range e-tron 55 is already outlasted by rivals such as the Jaguar I-PACE and smaller vehicles like the Standard Range Plus Model 3. With the e-tron 50, Audi will be pushing a vehicle to the EV market that has even less driving range. 

Couple this with Norway’s winters and the entry-level e-tron could end up seeing a real-world range that’s notably below its 300-kilometer (186-mile) WLTP estimate. Nevertheless, Audi Norway CEO Elin Sinervo believes that the vehicle will be a good fit for the needs of drivers in the country considering their driving habits. Even when e-tron 50 owners would have to go on long trips, Sinervo noted that the vehicle could simply charge from Norway’s ever-expanding network of chargers. 

“An ordinary Norwegian runs about 30 kilometers a day. Combined with the ability to charge fast, the Audi e-tron 50 quattro is a car very well suited for long-distance travel, especially considering the leading driving characteristics,” the Audi Norway CEO said. 

While the range of the Audi e-tron 50 is limited, the vehicle’s affordable price could very well attract car buyers who prefer larger vehicles. At around $55,500, the e-tron 50 is comparable in price to the smaller but longer-range Tesla Model 3 Performance, which costs around $56,700 in Norway. 

H/T Jim Roger Johansen.

Audi launches short range e-tron in Norway with Tesla Model 3-comparable price
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