ChargePoint and Blink Charging have less than a year of cash left

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ChargePoint and Blink Charging, two of the largest publicly-held EV charging networks in the United States, are in challenging waters. Electric vehicle giant Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) is gaining adoption among carmakers, charging satisfaction among consumers is low, and funds are becoming tight. 

As per the charging companies’ most recent quarterly findings, both ChargePoint and Blink Charging have less than a year of cash left. ChargePoint’s net cash used in operating activities grew to about $104 million in its first fiscal quarter, and its cash at the end of the period was at $314 million. That leaves about nine months’ worth of cash on hand. 

Back in June, ChargePoint CFO Rex Jackson noted that operating losses were the primary driver of the company’s increased cash burn. A spokesperson for the company, however, noted that ChargePoint was committed to reducing its losses and that cash burn should slow materially. 

Blink Charging is in the same boat, with the company spending $65 million on operating activities during the first half of 2023, more than double the $31 million spent in the same period the year prior. At the end of the period, Blink Charging’s cash was about $75 million, which translates to roughly seven months of cash on hand. 

In a comment to Automotive News, Blink Charging CEO Brendan Jones stated that there are costs associated with the replacement of legacy chargers, which have become a “burden” of sorts due to their outdated tech and reliability issues. Interestingly enough, Jones acknowledged that the industry “made mistakes” in the past by building chargers without paying careful attention to their locations, among other issues. 

“It’s a point of reflection to, ‘Now let’s work on the quality,'” Jones said, adding that analysts “want to see station economics improved, cost improved and profitability, and we have a path to get there.” 

Sam Abuelsamid, an analyst at Guidehouse Insights, described the current environment faced by charging providers in the United States. “It’s kind of a perfect storm. They’re facing new competition, and their customers are not happy, and they need to spend money, but they can’t get the money, so it’s kind of the worst of all worlds for them,” he said. 

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ChargePoint and Blink Charging have less than a year of cash left
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