Drunk man fined for punching a Tesla in Australia

Drunk man fined for punching a Tesla in Australia


An intoxicated man from the port city of Bunbury, Western Australia, punched a Tesla vehicle after getting into a fight with his former partner’s brother at a fast food restaurant, The West Australian reported. Benjamin Nannup, a 44-year-old Bunbury resident pled guilty to one charge of criminal damage, disorderly behavior in public, and breaching a community order.

The incident happened in February and it was reported that he was shirtless, visibly intoxicated, yelling and cursing in front of the restaurant’s customers and employees.

Nannup, who has been fighting a severe drinking problem and was homeless at the time, was also going through a breakup with his now-former partner. Although he said he had “no recollection” of punching a red Tesla, he walked onto a roundabout outside of the store and punched the oncoming vehicle on the passenger side door.

The vehicle had $6,634.21 in damages and the owner had to pay $1,500 in out-of-pocket expenses after insurance.

Nannup was fined $500 for disorderly behavior, $100 for the breach charge, and a six-month community-based order for the criminal damage. He also has to pay the owner of the Tesla $1,500.

In unusual cases, sometimes Teslas and other vehicles are the victims of strange and sad behavior. In July, a witness told Teslarati that an “agitated man” jumped onto the roof of a Tesla Model S that was waiting on a truck that had been blocking traffic. According to residents as well as the owner of the Tesla, the man was very troubled and the police took him away in an ambulance.

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Drunk man fined for punching a Tesla in Australia
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