Early Insight into Tesla Model 3 Most Popular Configurations

Let’s cut to the chase. 90% of Tesla Model 3 reservations holders are willing to pay extra for Supercharger access. 22% want the standard rear wheel drive configuration and 88% want Autopilot even if it’s an optional upgrade. That is according to early stats compiled by crowd sourced database

Based on a sample of 1637 entries from Model 3 reservation holders, we’re able to obtain early insight on how Tesla might prioritize production of its mass-market electric vehicle come next year.

Let’s take a deeper look at what Model 3 owners want.

Tesla Model 3 Battery Size

There’s no hiding the fact that most Model 3 owners will want a larger battery. Despite the announcement that the base Model 3 will have a minimum of 215 miles of range per single charge, 75% are willing to upgrade to a larger-sized battery pack. Many will be first-time electric vehicle owners, and presumably willing to pay a little extra for peace of mind in the form of extended driving range.


Drivetrain and Performance

Tesla has confirmed that the Model 3 will have a standard rear wheel drive configuration, but it appears that most reservation holders will opt for the D: dual motors and all wheel drive. 78% want a Model 3 <insert battery size>D.

A little over a third of the entrants will want the option to do more spirited driving with a performance version of the Model 3, while 15% of that will want some form of Ludicrous.


Model 3 Roof Option

Apparently everyone is in love with the Model 3 all glass roof and rightfully so. 72% of reservation holders polled would pay extra to have an all glass panoramic roof seen on the Model 3 prototypes at the reveal event.

Though Tesla CEO Elon Musk indicated that the Model 3 would have the ability to tow, only 15% would be interested in upgrading the vehicle with a tow-capable hitch.


To Autopilot or Not to Autopilot?

An overwhelming number of Model 3 reservation holders want Autopilot capabilities and willing to hand over the extra money to do so. 88% of those polled via indicated that they want the convenience of having Tesla’s self-driving and self-parking capabilities.

With the ability to improve itself through fleet learning, Tesla’s Autopilot continues to get better and will likely become fully autonomous by the time first Model 3 vehicles roll off the assembly line in late 2017.


Wheels, Interior, and Sound

The remaining options are, for the most part, equally split with the exception of wheels. 78.5% of Model 3 reservation holders polled will want to keep the standard wheel offering.

If you’re a Model 3 reservation holder, please help increase its sample size by contributing your own preferences through their platform.

We’ll provide a closer look at each of the available options, and the choices people made, once additional data has been collected.



Early Insight into Tesla Model 3 Most Popular Configurations
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