Elon Musk’s astonishing life accomplishments to be recognized by award in Berlin

Elon Musk giving YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee a tour of the Fremont factory. (Credit: MKBHD/YouTube)

Elon Musk will be awarded the Axel Springer Award for his astonishing life accomplishments. Tesla and SpaceX are just two of the companies Musk leads, but both have already made significant changes in their respective industries and in people’s way of living. Musk will be accepting the award personally on December 1 in Berlin, confirmed Tesla North.

“As one of the most creative entrepreneurs and most brilliant engineers of the digital age, Elon Musk inspires an entire generation. He combines great visions with the indomitable will to achieve them,” said the CEO of Axel Springer SE, Mathias Döpfner.

“With PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk has turned entire industries upside down, and his drive is irrepressible. He is motivated by the goal of making life better for humanity. And not in small steps, but by fundamentally turning the way we do things on their head. With incredible success,” he clarified.

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The theme of the award ceremony will be “An Evening for Elon Musk—Mission to Mars.” The theme was clearly inspired by Musk’s dream of reaching Mars and turning humanity into an interplanetary human species.

SpaceX has changed the space industry with its reusable rockets and much more. It already started testing Starship, the spacecraft that could one day bring humans to Mars. Elon Musk and his SpaceX team’s success would herald the beginning of a new age for humanity, warranting some recognition like the Axel Springer Award.

Elon Musk has also changed the auto industry through Tesla by growing the EV market and reviving the electric vehicle revolution that could have started in the mid-to-late 90’s had GM not crushed its EV1 program. Tesla Energy has also started to gain momentum in its industry as well, harkening humanity’s transition from a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy to a solar electric economy.

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Then there are Elon Musk’s other companies which each have the potential to revolutionize different industries and impact human life just as dramatically as Tesla and SpaceX. For example, The Boring Company could change public transportation and Neuralink has the potential to alter the way humans interact with technology in the future.

Musk’s achievements thus far and possible accomplishments in the future could change life on Earth in tremendous ways. His achievements have  already altered so much in our little blue planet. To truly realize Musk’s impact on the world and humanity, think about the kids growing up now. They live in a world where electric cars and reusable rockets aren’t actually revolutionary, they are normal. A person who had made so much impact on humanity already can only be described in one way: a Renaissance man (or woman). And Elon Musk certainly seems to bring about another Age of Enlightenment in each industry he enters.

Elon Musk’s astonishing life accomplishments to be recognized by award in Berlin
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