The Boring Company Las Olas Loop proposal moves forward after favorable votes from Fort Lauderdale

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On Wednesday, the Fort Lauderdale Commission voted 4-1 to proceed with The Boring Company’s Las Olas Loop proposal. The favorable vote allows The Boring Company (TBC) to start more detailed negotiations with Fort Lauderdale about the Las Olas Loop. 

The Commission had a few questions about TBC’s proposed project in Fort Lauderdale, which City Manager Chris Lagerbloom answered. Based on the Commission’s meeting records, The Boring Company can now start negotiations with the city regarding logistics, environmental impact, and regulatory requirements, to name a few. 

According to Lagerbloom, the recent vote states that Fort Lauderdale was still interested in pursuing The Boring Company’s proposal for a Las Olas Loop, and the tunneling company has met all procedural requirements. The city could discuss a potential interim agreement or comprehensive agreement with The Boring Company now that the resolution has passed. The city and TBC may also discuss regulatory requirements from the federal government, state, and county. 

“The next step is to accept the proposal, and to now negotiate an agreement which we can now move forward to talk about the terms, the conditions, financing, and the technological aspects moving forward as they continue to examine the underground infrastructure and how they’re best going to be able to proceed with the project,” Trantalis told Local 10.

Based on Lagerbloom’s answers, the Las Olas Loop proposal still needs to go through a lengthy process before reaching fruition. An interim agreement would indicate that the city was half committed to the project as it would probably include specifics on monetary funding. The city would show its full commitment to the Las Olas Loop project once it approved a comprehensive agreement with The Boring Company. 

From Lagerbloom’s perspective, the tunneling startup seems excited about Fort Lauderdale’s Las Olas Loop. 

“[The Boring Company has] been very open, very accessible, easy to get to. [The company] has indicated to me that of all the projects they’ve worked on, that they have the most interest in Fort Lauderdale [because they] still think it’s a very viable project. They’re excited about it as an organization, as a company. So they haven’t lost any interest that I’ve been able to detect at all,” Lagerbloom told the Commission.

In July, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean J. Trantalis announced that the city formally accepted The Boring Company’s proposal for the Las Olas Loop. Initially, TBC talked to Fort Lauderdale officials about a small-scale project in New River. But the tunneling company pitched a bigger tunnel after continued conversations with city officials. 

“We see more and more cars on the road,” said Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis. “You have to find alternative methods of trying to deal with traffic. And I think this is an exciting opportunity for the city,” said the Mayor about the project.

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The Boring Company Las Olas Loop proposal moves forward after favorable votes from Fort Lauderdale
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