Elon Musk confirms Twitter is working on longform tweets feature

Credit: Yuri Samoilov [CC BY 2.0}

The days of long Twitter threads may be coming to an end soon. Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed the update in a recent post on the social media platform, when he noted that a longform tweet feature is already in the works. 

Amidst the drama surrounding Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange FTX, tech veteran Adam Cochran posted an extensive, detailed timeline of the digital currency firm’s story. Cochran’s Twitter thread comprised a whopping 82 tweets, which promptly caught the eye of numerous Twitter users, some of whom noted that reading longform content on the platform today is cumbersome. 

Musk promptly responded to some of these observations, noting that a feature that would allow Twitter users to write longform content is being developed. “Literally working on that tonight,” Musk wrote. The Tesla CEO followed this up a few hours later, formally noting on Twitter that the “ability to do long tweets” was “coming soon.” 

The rollout of longform tweets on Twitter would be an interesting change for the platform considering that its limited character count is largely considered one of the service’s charms. With a limited character count of just 280 characters, Twitter users have to consider brevity, which pushes fast and direct interactions on the platform. 

An estimated date for the rollout of Twitter’s longform tweet feature was not shared by Musk. With this in mind, Twitter users are best advised to exercise some patience if needed. Musk’s “coming soon” estimates, after all, tend to be quite optimistic, as could be seen in the growing list of confirmed but yet-to-be-released features for Tesla’s electric vehicles. 

That being said, Twitter is a social media company, so it can move very quickly. This was shown by the company in the past weeks, as Musk’s turbulent takeover of the social media company triggered a wave of changes and updates, such as the rollout and withdrawal of a paid verification system that ended up enticing a wave of verified imposter accounts. Musk seems to have learned his lesson from this, as he noted in a recent post that Twitter Blue’s relaunch would be moved back to ensure that the service is “rock solid.” 

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Elon Musk confirms Twitter is working on longform tweets feature
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