Tesla Model S Plaid exhibition in China opens to excited visitors

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Tesla China’s Model S Plaid exhibition opened to excited visitors. The exhibition hints at Model S Plaid deliveries in China.

Recently, Tesla China opened a Model S Plaid exhibition, welcoming many excited visitors to check out the top-tier EV. Visitors had the chance to sit inside the Model S Plaid and try out some of its features. One visitor remarked that the Plaid was “handsome.” While another tested out the Model S Plaid’s sound system and noise reduction technology. 

Earlier this month, Tesla China released material promoting the Model S Plaid and the Model X Plaid during the 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE). Since then, the Plaid has been spotted many times at public events. The Model S Plaid’s increasing appearances and promotions in China suggest that Tesla might start deliveries soon. 

Tesla China’s website still doesn’t list an estimated delivery date for the Model S Plaid. Tesla China’s order page doesn’t list prices for the base or Plaid variant either. Reservations are asked to make a first payment of RMB 20,000, regardless of the add-ons they may have for their Model S order. Tesla China states that specific prices and configurations will be released once the Model S order is closer to delivery. 

Plaid deliveries seem imminent in Europe based on Certificate of Conformity (CoC) documents released to the public. 

Images of the CoC documents hint that Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid deliveries in Europe may be underway.

Similar to Europe, Chinese government documents hinted at the start of Tesla Model S Plaid deliveries. Last month, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released the next batch of electric vehicles eligible for its purchase tax exemption. Two Model S configurations and two Model X configurations were included in MIIT’s list. 

The first Tesla Model S Plaid in China appeared around October 10. The Plaid’s arrival in China hinted that deliveries of Tesla’s flagship EV would start soon. Shortly after the first Plaid arrived in China, a few reservation holders claimed they received delivery notices from Tesla

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Tesla Model S Plaid exhibition in China opens to excited visitors
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