Elon Musk denies report claiming that Tesla has scrapped its affordable car

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Elon Musk has denied a recent report from Reuters claiming that Tesla has scrapped its affordable car, which is expected to be priced at around $25,000. The publication claimed that it received information about the cancellation of Tesla’s low-cost EV program from three individuals reportedly familiar with the matter. 

Reuters’ report was quite surprising considering that Tesla already seems to be preparing for its next-generation vehicles, which are expected to be comprised of an affordable car and a dedicated robotaxi that are created from the same platform. The publication’s sources reportedly claimed that Tesla has scrapped its affordable car in favor of a push towards self-driving robotaxis.


Musk’s reaction to Reuters’ report was immediate, with the CEO stating in a post on social media platform X that the publication was lying again. Reuters, however, claimed to have reviewed company messages to suppliers about NV91 and H422, the affordable car’s reported designation. The publication also claimed to have reviewed messages from a Tesla manager discussing the low-cost EV’s supposed cancelation. 

While it remains to be seen if Tesla’s affordable car was really halted or not, expectations were already high that the low-cost EV and dedicated robotaxi would be built on the same platform. Thus, even if Tesla were to focus more resources now on the robotaxi, it likely does not mean to say that the company is canceling its low-cost EV. Both vehicles might be very similar, after all, though the affordable car will have a steering wheel and pedals. 

Elon Musk seemingly gave a nod to such speculations on X, with the CEO posting an “eyes” emoji as a response to a Tesla watcher who wondered if Tesla may be shifting more resources to FSD and the dedicated robotaxi due to the impressive results of FSD V12

Musk has been pretty critical of Reuters’ reports on Tesla over the years, and the publication has also been pretty critical of the CEO and the electric vehicle maker. Just this past February, Reuters staff won the 2023 George Polk Award for Business Reporting for their critical coverage of alleged “nefarious practices” at companies owned by Musk. In November 2022, Musk also denied a report from the publication claiming that Tesla was considering importing vehicles from Giga Shanghai to the United States. Musk’s denial has been accurate as of writing. 

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Elon Musk denies report claiming that Tesla has scrapped its affordable car
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