Tesla showcases FSD V12’s impressive real-world results

Credit: Arash Malek/X

Tesla seems determined to show consumers just how capable FSD V12 is today. This could be seen in the electric vehicle maker’s pinned post on X, which is focused on several real-world examples of FSD V12 navigating real-world scenarios in a proficient and safe manner.

Tesla opted for a pretty interesting strategy in its recent social media campaign to promote FSD. Instead of listing down the advantages and capabilities of the advanced driver-assist system, Tesla opted to share several videos of FSD V12 operating in real-world scenarios

These include parking lots that require FSD to avoid obstacles, roads that require U-turns, and challenging left turns, to name a few scenarios. Other notable examples highlighted by the electric vehicle maker involved FSD V12 letting another car into the road as it was exiting a parking lot, as well as the system slowing down for pedestrians and recognizing hand gestures. 

Tesla also encouraged FSD V12 users to share their own videos and experiences featuring the advanced driver-assist system. The electric vehicle maker’s request was answered by members of the Tesla community, many of whom posted their own videos featuring FSD V12 in action. Similar to the curated videos that were shared by Tesla, many of the FSD operators’ videos were quite impressive. 

Tesla FSD (Supervised), as it is being rolled out today, is a notable improvement over the system’s previous iterations. Despite this, Tesla has been very firm in the idea that FSD (Supervised) is still not a fully autonomous driving system. Thus, caution and constant attention are mandatory from drivers when using the advanced driver-assist system. 

Considering the improved performance of FSD (Supervised), it is no surprise that Elon Musk has been providing some insights on the advanced driver-assist suite’s potential release outside Tesla. As per Musk in a post on X, Tesla would be willing to license its tech to other car automakers. Musk even responded positively to the idea of FSD licensing deals potentially exceeding the company’s business earnings. 

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Tesla showcases FSD V12’s impressive real-world results
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