Elon Musk faces lawsuit from former “Tweeps” with strange bathroom construction-related complaint

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is facing a lawsuit from six former employees of his social media platform. The suit was filed against Musk and X Holdings Corp, Twitter’s holding company, in the District Court of Delaware.

The plaintiffs, who describe themselves as “Tweeps,” are longtime employees of Twitter before they left the company. The group noted that they “collectively have more than 60 years of experience working for the company.” The plaintiffs accused Musk and X Corp. of 14 violations, including fraud. The suit also included a rather strange anecdote about Musk and a controversial bathroom that he reportedly wanted to build at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.

As per the lawsuit, Steve Davis, the CEO of The Boring Company, reportedly instructed plaintiff Joseph Killian to start work on a bathroom close to Musk’s office. Musk allegedly wanted the restroom close to his office so that he “didn’t have to wake his security team and cross half the floor to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.”

The lawsuit described the former “Tweep’s” experience in the following section: “Plaintiff Killian was forced to resign from Twitter after being repeatedly and specifically directed to violate California’s building codes in ways that potentially put Tweep lives at risk in building the Twitter Hotel rooms Musk wanted for Tweeps he would be pushing to work through the night.”

According to the lawsuit, Killian reportedly argued that it would take time to secure the permits for the construction of the bathroom that Musk wanted, but Davis reportedly informed him he didn’t need to concern himself with permits.

“We don’t do that, we don’t have to follow those rules,” Davis reportedly said, as per the “Tweeps'” lawsuit. When Killian reportedly told Davis that the construction of the bathroom wouldn’t be accepted by a licensed plumber due to its lack of permits, Davis reportedly responded by stating that an unlicensed plumber would suffice.

“Killian attempted to explain that the use of licensed tradespeople was a condition of their lease, and that failure to abide by it would put them in breach of that lease. Davis responded that management did not care about any of this, that they weren’t interested in ensuring that the work was performed in accordance with the standards required by the lease, by the City of San Francisco, by the State of California, or any other authority. They just wanted it done,” the lawsuit read.

The former “Tweeps'” lawsuit against Musk and X Corp can be viewed below.

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Elon Musk faces lawsuit from former “Tweeps” with strange bathroom construction-related complaint
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