Lexus RZ BEV launches in Australia starting at $123K

(Credit: Lexus)

The battery electric SUV Lexus RZ 450e recently arrived in Australia following its launch in the United States. The Lexus RZ is expected to help Toyota achieve its EV sales goal for 2026. 

Lexus’s latest battery electric vehicle (BEV) follows the UX 300e launched in 2021. The Lexus RZ features an all-new electric powertrain with e-Axle electric motors. Lexus claims that the RZ 450e’s DIRECT4 all-wheel drive applies the company’s luxurious ‘Takumi’ craftsmanship and quality to the vehicle. 

Takumi is the ancient Japanese term meaning artisan. It may also refer to a craftsperson with unrivaled expertise in a specific field. Lexus has applied takumi-level craftsmanship to the all-electric RZ 450e. 

“Lexus designers have worked to ensure the all-new RZ maintains the famous Lexus benchmarks of exceptional luxury and dynamic driving faithful to the Lexus Driving Signature,” commented John Pappas, the Chief Executive of Lexus Australia. “The RZ is the right vehicle for those wanting a luxury SUV evoking the feeling of Lexus driving with the addition of a smooth and quiet battery-electric powertrain.”

Lexus Australia launched the RZ in two variants, the 450e Luxury, and the 450e Sports Luxury. The base Lexus RZ 450e Luxury starts at $123,000 (USD $81,313), including on-road costs, while the 450e Sporty Luxury variant starts at $135,000 (USD $89,243). The luxury automaker also offers an RZ 450e Sports Luxury with a two-tone finish for $139,200 (USD $92,344). Lexus launched the RZ 450e in the United States earlier this year. In the US, the Lexus RZ base model has a starting price of $59,560. 

Both variants are powered by a 71.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack with an estimated driving range of 470 km (292 miles). The 450e Luxury and 450e Sport Luxury deploy 230 kW of power and 435 Nm of instant torque to all wheels. 

Lexus’ parent company Toyota expects to sell 200,000 BEV units by 2024 with help from BZ3 and RZ 450e sales. The RZ is Lexus’ first battery electric vehicle for the global markets and may help define Toyota’s future in the automobile industry transitioning to BEVs

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Lexus RZ BEV launches in Australia starting at $123K
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