Elon Musk sees Tesla ($TSLA) becoming worth more than Apple ($APPL) and Saudi Aramco combined

Tesla held its third-quarter 2022 earnings call today following the release of its shareholder letter. During the call, Technoking Elon Musk said that he could see the company becoming more valuable than Apple and Saudi Aramco combined.

Elon Musk said that he’d said on another earnings call that he thought it was possible for Tesla to be worth more than Apple. At the time, Apple was worth around $700 billion. Today, Tesla is worth almost $700 billion based on the company’s market capitalization. During today’s call, Elon Musk shared his new opinion on Tesla’s future value.

“Now I’m of the opinion that we can far exceed Apple’s current market cap. I see a path for Tesla to be worth more than Apple and Saudi Aramco combined,” the Technoking said. Combined, the two companies are worth just over $4 trillion.

As of October 2022, Saudi Aramco has a market cap of $2.092 trillion, making it the world’s second most valuable company. Currently, Apple has a market cap of $2.31 trillion and was the first company to hit $3 trillion earlier this year.

These two companies that Tesla could overtake may have very different products but both can be considered competitors of Tesla. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainability, as Elon Musk said tonight in response to one of our tweets. This translates to putting oil companies such as Saudi Aramco out of business in the long run.

Although Apple isn’t an oil company but a technology company, Tesla isn’t just an automaker nor just an energy company. Tesla is building its own artificial intelligence, robot, and batteries, and could possibly get into the mining business. These products are in addition to its EVs and energy products.

Elon Musk has said many times that he sees Tesla as a dozen or more startups. “Tesla is really a dozen or more startups if you look at all the things created from scratch that aren’t present in other car companies.”

During today’s earnings call, Elon Musk pointed out that there are companies that only make batteries and do well, yet making batteries is just one of the many things Tesla does. The following is a list of products and services besides EVs that Tesla offers:

  • Solar and Powerwall
  • Utility-scale battery storage (Megapacks)
  • Optimus bot
  • Tesla is building the Dojo Supercomputer to train neural networks.
  • Full Self-Driving, Autopilot, and artificial intelligence
  • Insurance
  • Its own charging network that will soon open to non-Tesla EVs in the U.S.
  • Batteries
  • Tesla makes its own seats for its vehicles and although it’s not selling these, it is saving money by making its own seats in-house.
  • Chips
  • Services for customers, such as Premium Connectivity
  • In 2020, Elon Musk said that Tesla was working on HVAC improvements for vehicles and that the designs developed could potentially apply to HVAC for homes. In June 2022, Elon Musk said that HVAC is on a future product list.
  • Lithium & mining–possibly. Elon Musk has said before that he doesn’t want Tesla to get into the mining industry however, in today’s call, he said that Tesla would do whatever it had to do.

Disclosure: Johnna is a $TSLA shareholder and believes in Tesla’s mission. 

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Elon Musk sees Tesla ($TSLA) becoming worth more than Apple ($APPL) and Saudi Aramco combined
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