Elon Musk ponders Tesla ‘Baby Mode’ that’s perfect for parents with light sleepers

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted that a new and revised version of the company’s “Joe Mode” feature could be on its way. The initial requests for “Baby Mode” came after electric car owners reported that Joe Mode’s already-muted chimes were still loud enough to wake their children during road trips.

Twitter group Tesla Owners Silicon Valley has been requesting the feature since November 2019. Finally, on April 19, his request went recognized as Musk shed some light on the possibility of the feature coming to the fleet in an upcoming update. The Tesla CEO stated he was “Thinking about this…,” in a tweet to @teslaownersSV.

“Joe Mode” was released with the V10 update in September 2019. While it appeared as a seemingly minor addition to the Software Update, “Joe Mode” was a feature that captured the attention of parents everywhere. Musk himself seems to have a soft spot for “Joe Mode, calling it the “best mode” on Twitter. This could be because Musk is very familiar with the challenges of traveling with children, being the dad of five boys.

Naturally enough, “Joe Mode” enables all chimes within the vehicle as usual, but each tone will play with half the volume. The chimes affected by “Joe Mode” include noises that alert the driver of upcoming maneuvers, such as Autopilot warnings.

However, it seems that “Joe Mode’s” chimes may still be too loud for children who are light sleepers. While @teslaownersSV is the only account to receive any sort of response from Musk regarding the feature, several other Tesla owners have requested a Joe Mode update in the past. Musk did not commit to the requested feature, though his acknowledgement may indicate that an actual Baby Mode update will be released sometime soon.

In a way, a dedicated Baby Mode could be most effective in the Tesla Model Y, the company’s newest vehicle. The company’s new crossover has been labeled by several owners as the quietest Tesla to date after numerous improvements were made in the soundproofing design of the vehicle, as Tesla added many sound buffering materials to the Model Y’s design.

Couple this with the fact that the Model Y is a crossover, and Baby Mode becomes an even better match for the all-electric vehicle. Crossovers, after all, are common family cars, thanks to their spacious interior and large cargo capacity, both of which are present in the Model Y. This means that there will likely be many families that will buy the Model Y, and many of them will probably be traveling with young kids, or perhaps even babies.

Elon Musk ponders Tesla ‘Baby Mode’ that’s perfect for parents with light sleepers
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