Elon Musk shares thoughts on Tesla Sweden’s conflict with IF Metall union

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During a recent X Spaces session with Nicolai Tangen, the Chief Executive Officer at Norges Bank Investment Management, Elon Musk shared his thoughts on the ongoing conflict between Tesla Sweden and trade union IF Metall. As per Musk, he remains optimistic about Tesla Sweden’s future.

Musk discussed a number of topics during his X Spaces session with Tangen, such as Tesla’s potential entry into India and X’s current challenges in Brazil. When addressing Tesla Sweden’s issue with IF Metall, which has been going on since October, Musk noted that he believes the worst is over. 

“I think the storm has passed on that front. I think things are in reasonably good shape in Sweden. I feel good about the future. The long term future of Tesla is strong,” Musk said

Musk’s comments come amidst news that IF Metall and its allies are ramping their efforts against the electric vehicle maker. Reports have emerged stating that Seko and the Electricians Union, who have initiated sympathy strikes against Tesla in Sweden, have started blocking Tesla Superchargers from being connected to the grid. Tesla Sweden has been facing numerous protests and blockades over the months, but the company has been able to work around them for the most part. 

Considering that Superchargers tend to be open for non-Tesla vehicles in Sweden, and they are preferred by EV drivers, the unions’ anti-Tesla efforts are now affecting more people than before. Janne Halvarsson, group manager at Seko Mellannorrland, stated in a Dagens Arbete (DA) report that it would be very difficult for Tesla to connect its Supercharger stations to the grid moving forward. 

“I see it as an impossibility to complete this. The signing of collective agreements among the electricity network companies is high. Many of the companies are owned by the municipalities and there are usually collective agreements,” Halvarsson said. 

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Elon Musk shares thoughts on Tesla Sweden’s conflict with IF Metall union
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