Elon Musk predicts Twitter ‘has a shot at being cash flow positive’ in Q2 2023

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In an interview at the Morgan Stanley Conference, Elon Musk predicted that Twitter had a shot at being cash flow positive by Q2 2023. 

The Tesla CEO’s interview at the Morgan Stanley Conference sheds some light on his progress with Twitter. Elon Musk noted that Twitter is close to being EBITDA profitable and breaking even. After that, Twitter has a shot at being cash flow positive. 

“We’re getting close to the point where we’re close to having the total expenditures for the company excluding debt roughly equal to debt…I think we’ll be there in Q2. I don’t definitely want to count chickens before they hatch…but I think we’ve got a shot at being cash flow possible next quarter.”

Musk has been the sole owner of Twitter for less than a year. During his time as Twitter’s “Chief Twit,” he received many criticisms, specifically regarding freedom of speech. A few companies pulled or temporarily halted their ad campaigns on Twitter after Musk acquired the social media company. Ad revenue will be one of the deciding factors of whether Twitter is cash flow positive next quarter.

Twitter’s Journey to Cash Flow Positive

Elon Musk explained that some drastic actions had to take place to save Twitter. He shared that Twitter cut its “non-interest burn” to roughly $1 and 1/2 billion. Currently, the company has a billion and 1/2 of expenditures, partly thanks to Twitter reducing its Cloud expenditures by using two data centers instead of three. 

However, Twitter’s journey under Musk hasn’t all been about cutbacks. The Chief Twit also stated that Twitter has experienced “the fastest product evolution in Twitter’s history.” He also alluded to Twitter achieving some milestones since taking over the company, including recording the highest total user minutes. 

Twitter’s state before Musk

During his interview, Elon Musk stated that Twitter was tracking toward a negative $3 billion a year burn rate when he acquired the social media company in October. At the time, the company had $1 billion in the bank. 

“So that’s a pretty dire situation,” Musk commented. “If 2023 had been a normal year, Twitter would have done something on the order of $4 and 1/2 billion in revenue and $4 and 1/2 billion in cost, roughly break[ing] even.”

However, Twitter’s situation was more precarious when Elon Musk acquired the company late last year, making achieving a break-even scenario difficult.

“When you add half a billion of debt servicing to that, a master decline in advertising—some of it’s cyclic, some of it political, but call it at least 50% decline in [ad] revenue, roughly 30% decline in revenue—you’ve got over negative $3 billion [sic],” said Elon Musk.

The billionaire added that Twitter does have revenue in data subscriptions. However, even accounting for revenue from data subscriptions, Twitter would have been bankrupt within at least four months if no drastic action had been taken to change its course. 

Listen to Elon Musk’s interview during the Morgan Stanley Conference below!

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Elon Musk predicts Twitter ‘has a shot at being cash flow positive’ in Q2 2023
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