Jack Dorsey, David Sacks, former Twitter exec favored to replace Musk as CEO

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Earlier this week, Elon Musk ran a poll on Twitter asking users of the social media platform if he should step down as the company’s CEO. The poll ended with 17,502,391 votes being cast, 57.5% of which were in favor of Musk stepping down as Twitter’s chief executive. 

Later comments from Musk indicated that while he does not have a successor for Twitter yet, he would be stepping down as CEO once he finds a person that’s competent and “foolish” enough to take on the job. With this in mind, it was no surprise that a list of favored potential candidates for Musk’s successor have emerged online. It was also no surprise that the sports betting community has come up with the potential candidates’ latest odds. 

As per FairBettingSites, it appears that the outright favorite for now is Sriram Krishnan, at odds of 3/1. This could be due to the fact that Krishnan has been quite involved with Musk during his takeover of Twitter, and he is also among those who the Tesla CEO trusts. Considering his odds, the sports betting publication noted that Krishnan has a 25% chance of becoming Musk’s replacement as Twitter’s CEO. 

Following Krishnan is David Sacks, a tech investor and a member of Musk’s inner circle. Sacks and Musk go way back, as both were members of the “PayPal Mafia,” a group of executives who ended up founding some of Silicon Valley’s most prolific tech businesses. Sacks is at odds of 5/1, giving up a 17% chance of becoming Twitter’s next CEO. 

Jack Dorsey, who has already run Twitter twice in the past, is also a favorite to become Musk’s replacement. In a way, Dorsey might be a good choice considering that is is intimately knowledgeable about Twitter. He has also been quite supportive of Musk’s takeover of Twitter, and he has also not shied away from contradicting Musk directly on the platform. FairBettingSites gives Dorsey 8/1 odds — an 11% chance — of getting the post. 

Other notable names that are favored as Twitter’s next potential CEO include Blake Masters (10/1 odds; 9% chance), Sheryl Sandberg (16/1 odds; 6% chance), Lex Fridman (25/1 odds; 4% chance), and Peter Thiel (50/1 odds; 2% chance). 

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Jack Dorsey, David Sacks, former Twitter exec favored to replace Musk as CEO
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