Elon Musk shares insights during World Water Forum in Indonesia

Credit: World Water Forum

Elon Musk spoke at the World Water Forum in Indonesia this week, following a trip to the country in which he debuted SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet.

Following the debut of Starlink in Indonesia on Sunday, Musk spoke at the World Water Forum in Bali on Monday, sharing a few insights on solving the water crisis. First and foremost, Musk noted that the world is 70 percent water, adding that there have been tremendous breakthroughs in the costs and efficiency of water desalination.

During the speech, Musk said that desalinating water and transporting it were the two most important factors in helping to solve the water crisis, boiling the issues down to energy and transport. He also says he believes that the cost of desalination will continue to decrease dramatically, not unlike how the cost of solar has dropped over the last several years.

Musk also fielded a couple of questions during the speech, both about solving the water crisis and performing R&D in the desalination sector. You can watch a supercut of Musk’s speech that removes all silence below, along with clips from Musk launching Starlink in the country yesterday.


Musk’s companies have long been courted by Indonesian officials, and his appearance at the water conference follows his company, SpaceX, debuting its Starlink satellite internet then on Sunday. When asked during the debut presentation if he planned to bring production to the country for his electric vehicle (EV), Musk responded that he was there to focus on debuting Starlink.

Nonetheless, Indonesia President Joko Widodo, commonly referred to as “Jokowi” in the country, has met with Musk multiple times over the years, and sought out building an EV plant, in addition to sourcing nickel there. Following the Starlink debut on Sunday, coordinating minister of investment Luhut Pandjaitan said that Musk was still mulling over the idea of building a cathode plant in Indonesia.

“We made an offer. Is it possible to build an EV battery plant here, precursor cathode. And he will consider it,” Pandjaitan told Reuters.

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Elon Musk shares insights during World Water Forum in Indonesia
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