Faraday Future’s prototype crossover SUV looks ridiculously fast

Competition is heating up in the world of hyper-quick electric vehicles. Following the recent reveal that a new 1,000 horsepower luxury electric sedan aims to compete against the Tesla Model S, Los Angeles-based electric car start up Faraday Future has its sights set on Tesla’s Model X. The company has just published a follow up to last week’s video teasing the capabilities of its powertrain when matched up against a Ludicrous Tesla Model X P100D. Tesla’s dual motor SUV is capable of ripping a 0-60 mph time in 2.9 seconds, however Faraday Future may have achieved something even more unthinkable – beat a Tesla in a drag race.

At the company’s testing ground in Irwindale, California, a cloaked Faraday electric crossover is seen out running the Tesla Model X by a few car lengths. With the goal of exceeding the performance levels of would-be competition, Faraday Future’s VP of Propulsion Engineering, Peter Savagian, says “let’s go prove what we can do relative to those cars”. The sounds of an all-electric powertrain, resembling that of a swarm of sentinels out of the Matrix, leads into imagery of a Model X being left behind by Faraday’s prototype. “More current equals more torque equals more equals faster acceleration” says Steve Schulz, member of Faraday’s powertrain team.

Faraday Future is set to debut the vehicle on January 3, 2017 from CES and will host a live stream of the unveil from the company’s site.

This is getting good.

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