Fatal Tesla Model Y crash investigation finds accelerator was pressed in viral video

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An investigation into a fatal Tesla Model Y crash in Chaozhou, China has revealed that the electric car’s accelerator was pressed during its ill-fated final drive. The Model Y in the incident was caught on video accelerating out of control for about two kilometers before crashing. The event killed two people and injured three. 

As recently shared by industry watchers in China, the analysis of data from the ill-fated Model Y had been completed. As per the investigation, the vehicle’s accelerator was pressed 100% the entire time. The Model Y’s brakes were off as well.

“Five secs prior crash, speed 164km/h, steering wheel angle moved 25°, stability control on, speed down to 159km/h, back up to 163km/h & crash,” @MoneybaII_R, an industry watcher from China, shared on Twitter. 

The tragic event, which happened last November, surrounded Tesla China with some controversy. Videos of the vehicle posted online showed the all-electric crossover driving out of control before meeting its untimely end. A family member of the Model Y’s driver later claimed to local media that the vehicle’s brake pedal was unresponsive, and the Tesla still ran at full speed despite the driver trying to shift to Park. 

Tesla China denied the family member’s claims, noting that data from the ill-fated Model Y showed that the accelerator pedal was depressed deeply during the incident. Tesla stated that the Park button was indeed pressed during the vehicle’s final drive four times, but only briefly. Previous tests from Tesla owners indicated that pressing Park for an extended period of time while the vehicle is in motion would stop the car. 

While Tesla China has a pretty good record when it comes to determining details from its crashed vehicles, the company’s statement following the fatal Model Y crash was challenged on social media. This was because the driver in the incident reportedly used to be a truck driver, and authorities noted that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or other substances. 

Fortunately, an analysis of the incident has shown that Tesla China’s statement was ultimately accurate. 

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Fatal Tesla Model Y crash investigation finds accelerator was pressed in viral video
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