Rivian announces R1S Max Pack + Dual Motor deliveries this fall

Image Credit: Rivian Automotive

Rivian has announced that its R1S SUV’s Max Pack + Dual Motor AWD configuration will start deliveries this fall. The rollout of the new variant would likely allow Rivian to cater to more customers, particularly families that love the outdoors. 

As noted by Rivian in a post on its official Twitter account, the R1S Max Pack + Dual Motor is projected to have 390 miles of range. The vehicle is quick on its feet too, with a 0-60 mph time of as low as 3.5 seconds. 

The electric vehicle maker also noted that existing preorder holders would be sent information on how to update their orders soon

While the R1S does not have some popular features that are present in the R1T like the Gear Tunnel, it does have some advantages over its pickup truck sibling. Its three rows of seats mean that more people fit inside the SUV. And as per the company’s official page for the vehicle, the R1S’ seating is optimized for comfort and utility. 

“Our second-row seats fold 60/40 with the third-row splitting 50/50, so you can mix and match passenger seating for optimal cargo space. And since the seats fold nearly flat, you can lay in the back and look up at the stars through the all-glass roof,” Rivian noted

Rivian met some challenges last year, similar to Tesla and other electric vehicle makers. As per Rivian in its recent earnings report, it recorded a loss of $1.72 billion in Q4 2022, which is a significant improvement compared to the $2.5 billion loss in the same quarter of the previous year. Rivian’s total revenue for the fourth quarter was reported to be $663 million, short of Wall Street’s estimate of $742.4 million. 

Despite this, Rivian has adopted a pretty optimistic stance for 2023. Rivian has set a goal to double the production of its R1 vehicles in 2023, with a target of 50,000 units. Some analysts, however, were expecting Rivian to aim for 60,000 units this 2023 instead. 

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Rivian announces R1S Max Pack + Dual Motor deliveries this fall
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