First detailed Tesla Model 3 review video makes its way to YouTube

Ahead of the flood of Model 3 review videos that will inevitably saturate YouTube as Tesla begins to deliver customer cars across the world, we have a first comprehensive look of a gorgeous black Model 3 – inside and out.

The Model 3 review video comes to us by way of luxury car detailer and Tesla protective wrap specialist OCDetailing who got their hands on one of the first Long Range Model 3 vehicles. Located just 8 miles (~13 kilometers) from Tesla’s Fremont factory, OCDetailing is regarded as the leading expert in applying Opti-Coat Pro coatings, CQuartz Finest and paint protection films on Teslas, having worked on roughly 1,800 Model S and 700 Model X vehicles to date, according to shop owner Joe Torbati.

Joe begins his in-depth Model 3 review video with a side-by-side size comparison of the vehicle against the larger Model S sedan and Model X SUV. The video then provides us with a good look at the removable Model 3 aero wheel covers and location for the vehicle’s Autopilot cameras, before moving onto a wide angle look at Model 3’s expansive glass roof, and beyond.

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Check out Joe’s video, embedded in full at the end of this article, for a first detailed look of a Model 3. We’ve also created shortcuts to specific sections of the Model 3 being reviewed.

First detailed Tesla Model 3 review video makes its way to YouTube
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