Ford F-350 driver shares Tesla Cybertruck feedback after towing 3k lbs

Credit: Arash Malek/X

If there is one type of person that should be believed when it comes to the Tesla Cybertruck, it would be a person who drives large pickup trucks regularly. And as per a Ford F-350 driver, the Cybertruck has some capabilities that make it a capable vehicle for a driver who is legitimately considered a real “truck guy.” 

In a recent video, Tesla owner and content creator Arash Malek took a Tesla Cyberbeast (Cybertruck tri-motor) for a spin around some sand dunes. Accompanying Malek was Andy, a friend who drives an F-350 regularly. The pair also flat-towed a 3,000-pound Brawley, an electric off-road vehicle, during their trip. 

As per the pair in the video, what was immediately noticeable about the Cyberbeast was that it didn’t feel like it was towing anything at all. It might be towing a 3,000-pound vehicle without a trailer, but the Cybertruck was still smoothly accelerating and overtaking other cars without breaking a sweat

Andy also noted that thanks to its power, it would be interesting to see just how the Cybertruck could haul machines like a bobcat on a trailer. Considering the Cybertruck’s power, however, it seems like the vehicle would find such tasks easy. To be fair, most bobcats weigh under 10,000 pounds, so even with a trailer, the Cybertruck should be able to tow a good number of bobcats without any problems. 

The Ford F-350 driver also shared high praise for the Cybertruck’s sound system. In a comment, Andy noted that his truck is fitted with a subwoofer and premium sound, but it still does not hold a candle to the Cybertruck’s sound quality. Comparisons with the Rivian R1T’s Elevation sound system by Meridian also trended in the Cybertruck’s favor. 

Overall, the truck driver’s remarks about the Cyberbeast bodes well for the Cybertruck as a whole. As noted by Andy, drivers who use their pickups for work may eventually struggle to find things that are large enough to warrant the use of a diesel truck. And when it comes to sand dunes, it appears that the Cybertruck handles itself just as well.

Watch Arash and Andy’s Tesla Cybertruck video below.

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Ford F-350 driver shares Tesla Cybertruck feedback after towing 3k lbs
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