Elon Musk encourages Tesla Cybertruck for police use

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck is, more than anything, designed to be a tough vehicle. It is also very quick for its size. And as per Elon Musk’s recent comments on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, the Cybertruck would make a great police vehicle. 

There are still only a limited number of Cybertrucks in the wild, but they are already attracting a lot of attention. Among those giving the Cybertruck attention, as per videos shared on social media, are policemen. One such video that’s been shared online showed a policeman speaking with a Cybertruck driver at a Supercharger. 

The Rosenberg Police Department also proved very curious about the Cybertruck. In a post on their X and Facebook page, the Rosenberg Police Department wondered if it would be a good idea to adopt Tesla vehicles into its fleet this year. “What do you think, Elon Musk? Will the Cybetruck make a good police vehicle? It’s still hard to find new vehicles to replenish our older police units. Should we make the change in 2024?” the Rosenberg PD wrote

The Rosenberg Police’s post attracted a lot of attention from social media users. Numerous comments on Facebook suggested that Cybertruck police cruisers would easily run out of battery during car chases or they would catch fire. The reception to the idea on X, however, was a lot more positive. Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself responded to the police department, stating that it is absolutely a good idea to have some Tesla police units. 

The Cybertruck does have a lot of features that would make it a great police vehicle. Its tough steel exoskeleton may reduce armoring costs since the Cybertruck is already resistant to small arms fire straight out of the factory. Its speed is also notable as it has the performance of a sports car. It’s also hard to deny the fact that the Cybertruck has a very intimidating presence. 

Considering the fact that the Cybertruck is still being ramped today, the Rosenberg Police will likely have to wait some time before it can receive its all-electric pickup trucks. Despite this, the police department does have some options for the meantime. They could, for one, opt for a Model Y or Model 3 cruiser. Tesla aftermarket companies such as Unplugged Performance have offered dedicated solutions for police departments, making them a good fit for the Rosenberg Police’s current needs. 

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Elon Musk encourages Tesla Cybertruck for police use
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