Ford and Uber offer EV leasing pilot program to rideshare drivers

(Credit: Ford)

Ford Next and Uber have teamed up on a new EV leasing pilot program for rideshare drivers who want to go electric. The new EV leasing pilot program is called Ford Drive. 

“We understand uptime and ease of use are critical to every rideshare driver. As more of them make the switch to electric vehicles, we’re building the Ford Drive program around their unique needs. We’re glad that the initial feedback on this venture has been so strong, and it’s exciting to learn from these driver experiences to explore solutions supporting Uber and Ford’s shared electrification goals,” said Bill Knapp, the head of Ford Drive.

The Ford Drive EV leasing program launched in California last week, specifically in San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The EV leasing program offers flexible access to Mustang Mach-E models. Ford already kicked off the first Mach-E deliveries in the EV leasing program in Los Angels last week. 

The program is the first between an automaker and a rideshare network. Uber encourages drivers to transition to electric vehicles because it aims to be a zero-emissions platform in North America and Europe by 2030. The rideshare network pledged $800 million in incentives and resources to help drivers switch to electric vehicles. 

“Climate change is the most urgent challenge of our time, and we must work together in order to tackle it,” said Christopher Hook, Uber’s Global head of Sustainability.

“As we continue marching toward our zero-emissions goal, Uber is thrilled to partner with Ford to provide an attractive and affordable option for leasing a leading EV and help drivers lower running costs and emissions. It’s a win for drivers, their riders, and the communities where they live,” Hook said.

Ford Next and Uber initially launched the EV leasing program in 2022 for rideshare drivers in San Diego. At the time, the program leased more than 150 Mustang Mach-Es. The launch of Ford Drive market the pilot programs expansion to three cities in California—and hopefully more in the future.

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Ford and Uber offer EV leasing pilot program to rideshare drivers
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