French Entrepreneurs Campaign for Tesla Factory, “Alsace is ready for Tesla”.

Tesla Factory In Alsace

A group of young businessmen in the Alsace region of France are attempting to lure Tesla to build its European factory in their region, which is close to Germany.

Tesla Factory In Alsace

When Elon spoke at a special event in Tesla France earlier this year, his statement about possible plans for a European factory – Elon seemingly jokes about having Alsace as the site for the factory – has four young entrepreneurs to campaign for the next factory to be in France.

Alsace is a region that has been fought over in two world wars and seen occupation by both France and Germany. The inhabitants there trace their lineage to both countries and most are fully bilingual. If half the factory could be in Germany and half in France, that would be the best of all possible worlds, Musk said.

Communications agency Blackblitz Strassbourg has decided to make a video highlighting all the reasons why building a factory in Alsace would be a good idea for Tesla.


“We had heard of Elon Musk, who said he planned to settle on Alsace, and we decided to make a promotional video, a project totally free from coercion, jumping on the subject,” Greg Matter told Agence France Presse. Greg is one of the partners in Blackblitz Strassbourg.

The Tesla used in the video is owned by a local businessman. The bank that holds the loan on the car agreed to pay the costs of production for the video. “Now we bet on the magic of social networks to reach Elon Musk,” says Matter, who sent the video to Elon Musk via Twitter.

French news site Essential picked up the story and reports that Jean Rottner, the mayor of Mulhouse in the Alsace region, retweeted the link to the video to the French ministers of the economy and the environment: “@Emmanuel Macron @RoyalSegolene We are ready! And you? Support the #Alsace.”

Hat tip to Christophe Lemaire. Photo credit: Blackblitz Strassbourg via YouTube

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