Hyundai Motor Group unveils Nano Cooling Film for cars at Cannes Lions 2024

(Credit: Hyundai)

Hyundai Motor Group unveiled its Nano Cooling Film for car cabin temperature control at Cannes Lions 2024 in France. The South Korean Automaker hosted a technical seminar under the theme “From Logic to Magic: 5 Ways to Make Tech Resonate.”

This year was the first time automakers were invited to present at Cannes Lions 2024. Hyundai Motor Group’s presentation emphasized the Hyundai and Kia brands’ dedication to sustainability and innovation.

The company showcased Hyundai Motor and Kia’s Nano Cooling Film in its presentation. The film is designed to reduce a car’s cabin temperature by up to 10°C in hot weather. Nano Cooling Film does not darken thGroup’s and would significantly lower the vehicle’s energy consumption. 

“Nano Cooling Film consists of three layers.” The outer layer radiates heat at mid-infrared wavelengths from the interior to the exterior of the vehicle, while the inner two layers reflect incoming heat at near-infrared wavelengths, significantly reducing the total amount of heat that reaches the vehicle interior,” said Hyundai Motor Group’s press release. “

The South Korean automaker already launched its Nano Cooling Film in Lahore, Pakistan, through the “Made Cooler By Hyundai” campaign. The company installed its Nano Cooling Film in more than 70 vehicles for free. 

Hyundai’s campaign in Pakistan revealed someHyundai’sdvantages of Nano Cooling Film. For example, the film was able to circumnavigate the country’s laws against window tints or films.

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Hyundai Motor Group unveils Nano Cooling Film for cars at Cannes Lions 2024
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