Tesla Sweden takes creative approach to secure license plates amid union strike

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It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Little by little, this saying is becoming true for Tesla Sweden. Faced with the escalating tactics of trade union IF Metall, the electric vehicle maker has resorted to using rather creative strategies to ensure that it could still deliver vehicles to customers. 

As one of its strategies to urge Tesla to sign a collective agreement, the union has effectively blocked Tesla from getting license plates for its vehicles. Tesla Sweden has taken the legal route to address the issue, but so far, the strategy of IF Metall and its allies appears to be working. 

As of last week, Tesla Sweden has noted that it was still missing about 1,000 license plates for new cars that are expected to be delivered to customers in the country. Fortunately, as per a recent report from, Tesla Sweden’s legal team appears to have found a fairly effective way to work around IF Metall’s Tesla license plate blockade. 

The workaround is reportedly simple. Tesla reportedly signs a purchase agreement or leasing contract with customers in advance. By doing this, ownership of the vehicle is transferred from Tesla to the buyer. The customer could then simply order new registration plates for their vehicles and have them delivered to their residence through Postnord. Customers would then bring the license plates that they already received when they take delivery of their Teslas. 

Tesla Sweden has not issued a comment about the matter, though several customers in Sweden have described the workaround on social media, the publication reported. 

While seemingly effective, Tesla Sweden’s apparent strategy to work around IF Metall’s license plate blockade is likely a temporary fix. Thus, it would not be surprising if the EV maker shifts its strategy in the coming weeks. At this point, it definitely seems that for Tesla customers in Sweden to be saved from severe inconveniences, Tesla or IF Metall would have to back down from their hardline stance. Such a scenario, at least for now, still seems unlikely, considering the union’s rhetoric and Elon Musk’s comments about the ongoing strike. 

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Tesla Sweden takes creative approach to secure license plates amid union strike
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