LA Auto Show features what could be a next-gen Tesla Roadster on its 2022 flyer

LA Auto Show features what could be a next-gen Tesla Roadster on its 2022 flyer

Photo Credit: @klwtts

The LA Auto Show is planning its exhibition on November 18-27, 2022, and will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. As one of the world’s largest auto shows, it’s expected that eventgoers will see a variety of vehicles.

LA Auto Show Flyer 2022

However, the flyer for this year’s show has a familiar-looking vehicle on it. The car on the flyer of the LA Auto show looks to be the next-generation Tesla Roadster. @Klwatts shared the flyer on Twitter and I think we can agree that this looks exactly like the Tesla Roadster.

@Klwtts posed the question as to whether or not Tesla could be unveiling a final production version of the new Roadster in November.

Tesla Models 3 & Y ZEVAS Award Winners

Last year, the LA Auto Show announced The Zero-Emission Vehicle Awards  (ZEVAS) winners which included two Tesla models. The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 each won an award.

The award focused on the latest zero-emission vehicles that were either available on the market or for pre-order.

It also highlighted emerging and established automakers that introduced zero-emission vehicles, which includes plug-in hybrid vehicles although when using fuel, they actually do produce emissions.

Will Tesla exhibit the next-gen Roadster at the LA Auto Show this year?

Images are worth 1,000 words and if we take the flyer for its word, we could assume that Tesla just might exhibit the next-generation Roadster at the LA Auto Show. If so, this could hint to big news for Tesla in regards to its Roadster production.

During the Cyber Rodeo at Giga Texas, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would start production of the next-gen Roadster, and reservations for the regular variant of the Roadster opened up on the Tesla website soon thereafter.

Considering that, unlike other automakers, Tesla doesn’t advertise, it makes sense to exhibit at one of the world’s largest auto shows just less than two months before the year ends.  Especially if Tesla is on track for the production of the premium vehicle.

Whether or not Tesla will exhibit the new Roadster at the auto show remains to be seen. Many a Tesla fan, I am sure, will wait in anticipation.

LA Auto Show features what could be a next-gen Tesla Roadster on its 2022 flyer
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