Should You Leave Your Tesla Charger (UMC) Plugged In?

Should You Leave Your Tesla Charger (UMC) Plugged In?

Tesla Charger UMCThe Model S, Model X and Model 3 comes with a home garage charger that contains a set of interchangeable plugs allowing owners to plug into nearly any power outlet. Whether you’re plugging your Tesla into a 240v NEMA 14-50 outlet or a traditional 110v wall socket, one question remains – should you leave the Tesla Charger or otherwise known as the Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) plugged into the wall?

The answer is yes, and here’s why:

  • The Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) draws virtually no power when plugged in other than the green LED. Using a portable digital electricity monitor (a must have if you’re living the green lifestyle), we verified that the draw was less than 10 milliamps.
  • You may not have the time to unplug and stow your UMC, especially if you’re on-the-go.
  • Most Model S owners typically install the higher amperage NEMA 14-50 outlet (often used for washer/dryer machines) which uses a thick 4-prong plug. The plastic receptacle that receives the 4-prong plug is not designed to withstand the wear and tear of continuous plug insertion.
  • Constant unplugging and re-plugging will loosen the receptacle thereby causing sag when the heavier UMC is attached to the outlet.  We’ve encountered times where the sagging was enough to create a disconnect in power to our Tesla.

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Should You Leave Your Tesla Charger (UMC) Plugged In?
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