Lincoln Tech & Tesla partner to train future EV technicians

Lincoln Tech & Tesla partner to train future EV technicians

Credit: Tesla

Lincoln Tech and Tesla have signed an agreement to train future EV technicians. As part of a three-year plan, the Tesla training facility will be built at the Lincoln Tech Denver, CO campus.

The school will provide Tesla START training at no cost to students. Automotive Technology graduates from any of Lincoln Tech’s campuses will be eligible to apply for the program.

Scott Shaw, Lincoln Tech’s Presiden and CEO, called the agreement the latest advancement in the college’s EV training program. He added that having Tesla’s support in developing the programs will be invaluable for students and the organization.

“Entering into this agreement with Tesla solidifies Lincoln Tech’s commitment to providing electric vehicle training for 21st-century Automotive Technicians.”

“It is the latest advancement in our EV training programs, and having Tesla’s backing and input in developing these programs will be invaluable for our organization and for our students. It is our intention to become the leading provider of EV Automotive Technology training.”

What Tesla will provide.

Once accepted into the program, students will receive an hourly stipend as they train. Tesla will provide vehicles, tools, equipment, charging stations, and instructors to train the students. Once they complete the program, graduates may be recruited for careers with Tesla.

The training facility will be around 6,000 square feet.

What Lincoln Tech will provide

Lincoln Tech will provide logistical support which includes helping Tesla with recruiting technicians who want to advance their skills in EV systems and pursue careers in this field.

There’s also the possibility of expanding the program to more Lincoln campuses being considered.

Kelly Moore, President of the Denver campus, spoke of being focused on the future of the automotive industry and how exciting this is for her campus.

“This is an exciting, incredible opportunity for our campus and for all of Lincoln Tech’s automotive graduates.”

“We’re focused on the future of the automotive industry, and our campus will be one of only six schools in the western U.S. – one of only 10 across the nation – to offer the Tesla START program.”



Lincoln Tech & Tesla partner to train future EV technicians
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