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Mercedes-Benz considers Tesla’s NACS

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Mercedes-Benz is reportedly considering Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), as it could be the next major automaker to adopt the company’s charging connector.

Over the past several weeks, automakers like Ford and General Motors have chosen to adopt Tesla’s NACS connector for vehicles beginning in 2025. The move has catalyzed similar announcements from charging companies like Blink and ChargePoint, but other major carmakers are considering adopting the connector, too.

Earlier this week, we reported that Stellantis was one of the companies mulling the potential adoption of the NACS connector. However, they are far from the only automaker looking to potentially join the “NACS Coalition,” as Tesla CEO Elon Musk is calling it.

A report from Benzinga is now showing that Mercedes-Benz is also looking to consider NACS, and is reportedly evaluating a “technical implementation” of the connector, which would make its vehicles able to connect to Tesla Superchargers, if it chooses to come to an agreement with Tesla.

Tesla is doing this for several reasons. Initially, it should be highlighted that the automaker’s mission statement has always been to “accelerate the transition to sustainable energy,” and that means improving EVs regardless of the company.

Tesla’s unique advantage as an EV maker is that it also operates its own charging network, which is the most robust globally. Many other charging companies have run into issues with dependability, making Tesla an ideal option for many prospective EV buyers as the Supercharging Network operates over 45,000 stalls worldwide.

Automakers are interested in expanding their customers’ charging and ownership experience as a whole, which makes adopting Tesla’s charging connector an ideal option as it is dependable and expansive.

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Mercedes-Benz considers Tesla’s NACS
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