Mercedes-Benz launches first North American charging hub for all EV drivers

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz announced today that it has officially launched the first North American charging hub at its Headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

The Mercedes-Benz Charging Hub is open to EV drivers of any manufacturer, offering a charging option for drivers outside of the German automaker’s models and expanding options for drivers of electric cars.

The charging hub is the first step in Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to invest over $1 billion in a joint venture with MN8 Energy. The two companies will collaborate to bring 2,500 chargers across at least 400 charging hubs in North America by the end of the 2020s.

“The Mercedes-Benz Charging Network expands global charging options for customers of all EV brands to promote clean, electric mobility,” Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG, Franz Reiner, said.

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“In North America, our strategy is clear: focusing on where EV drivers are and where they are going to enhance the North American EV charging map while setting new standards for quality and customer experience. These efforts will pave the way for greater EV adoption here in North America and around the world.”

The charging hub has several special features that will serve as a benchmark for future charging sites:

  • 400kW Chargers: The first chargers installed are provided by ChargePoint and are all capable of charging rates of up to 400kW, offering customers some of the fastest charging speeds in the industry.
  • Open to all from day one: Drivers of EVs from any brand can charge their vehicle and enjoy a Mercedes-Benz brand commensurate experience.
  • Charging lounge: Charging hub customers can enjoy a premium, clean and comfortable environment while their vehicle charges, complete with couches and lounge chairs, vending machines, refreshments, and restroom facilities.
  • Solar Canopy: Provides weather cover for customers, overhead LED lighting for safety and solar panels on top to generate passive clean electricity.
  • Intelligent Indicators: A pylon built to a height of 15 feet, visible from the street, indicates the status of the charging stall: in use, free or reserved.
  • Accessibility: The charging hub includes one charging spot, closest to the charging lounge, designed especially for handicap-accessible vehicles, as well as one uncovered, drive-through charging spot that is designed for electric vans or EVs with trailers up to 26 feet in length.
  • Powered by clean energy: Through both direct and indirect means, the charging hub uses renewable energy and is carbon neutral.

At future locations, Mercedes-Benz said it will have “exclusive lounges” that will integrate a retail setting into a charging location. Charging will be the “backdrop” to grabbing a coffee with friends or recharging yourself while your car does the same.

The partnership with MN8 Energy aims to help the charging hub remain up and running to give those who visit a reliable place to charge their cars. So many EV charging companies have had issues with keeping their chargers maintained, and all too frequently, we see reports of people visiting stalls to charge their cars, but being presented with malfunctioning charging piles.

This is the first of many Mercedes-Benz charging hubs, as we can expect at least sixty of these to come to fruition every year until 2030.

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Mercedes-Benz launches first North American charging hub for all EV drivers
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