Cybertruck, R1T and F-150 Lightning Hollister Hills stairs runs compared

Credit (left-to-right): DirtyTesla on X; omg_Tesla on X; jimfarlery98 on X

Clips of a Tesla Cybertruck climbing the stair steps at the Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) have circulated widely this week, especially after a Rivian R1T owner followed up with a video of their electric pickup performing the same obstacle. Now, Ford CEO Jim Farley has also chimed in, showing off footage of the same California stair steps driven by the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Multiple of Tesla’s Cybertrucks were seen during a round of testing at the SVRA site ahead of its initial deliveries later this month, as were originally spotted a few weeks ago, and shared in a post on Instagram. The R1T and F-150 Lightning attempts at the steps have since been shared on X, along with additional angles of the Cybertruck release candidate performing the obstacle.

Some have criticized the Cybertruck’s performance since the video’s release, as the R1T run seems to handle the stairs a little bit more quickly, at the very least. The F-150 Lightning also performs the stair step with some level of ease, though it’s not quite as clean of a run as the R1T footage seems to accomplish. Others have also said that a different driver could change each of these runs completely, and that an experienced off-road driver would have handled the Cybertruck’s run differently.

Tesla Cybertruck sighting next to Rivian R1T shows size comparison

It’s also worth noting that Tesla’s Cybertrucks were pre-production vehicles testing, as the trucks haven’t yet been delivered to customers at this time — and they clearly show “release candidate” decals to signify this.

User omg_Tesla, who posted the R1T footage on X, also points out that the stair step obstacle is primarily made from cement, created to offer a particularly low-traction surface to force vehicles to flex and articulate their suspension levels. The more vehicles that drive up, the user says, the more trails of dirt are left behind, making the path more slippery. A few other vehicles can also be seen driving around on the steps in the original Cybertruck footage, presumably making them more difficult during Tesla’s tests.

In any case, it’s hard to deny that all three of these pickups manage the obstacle relatively well, especially given that they’re early fully electric models in an emerging sector.

You can watch the Tesla Cybertruck, the Rivian R1T and the Ford F-150 Lightning drive on the Hollister Hills SVRA stairs below, and you can tell us your conclusions down in the comments section.

Tesla Cybertruck performing the Hollister Hills SVRA stair step

Rivian R1T performing the Hollister Hills SVRA stair step

Ford F-150 Lightning performing the Hollister Hills SVRA stair step

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Cybertruck, R1T and F-150 Lightning Hollister Hills stairs runs compared
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