93% of Tesla Model 3 buyers will likely upgrade from $35k base, suggests new poll data

Updated data coming from a poll of nearly 6,300 Tesla Model 3 reservation holders suggests that 93% of buyers will opt for an upgraded version of the $35,000 car. 39.75% of reservation holders said they will be paying for an upgraded battery pack, and over 65% of would-be Model 3 buyers polled want some form of Autopilot. 43.07% of those respondents said they’ll upgrade to Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot driving-assist feature as opposed to fully autonomous self-driving capabilities.

The data being provided by, regarded as the authority for Model 3 reservation data, provides insight to how Tesla’s Model 3 production ramp might look like in the coming months. Paul Carter, founder of Model3Tracker, shared with us additional configuration stats made by reservation holders, as follows:

Source: Paul Carter via Teslarati Forum

Though Model 3 reservation sample data suggests that a majority of buyers will upgrade, most of the money will be spent on increasing driving range as opposed to performance. There’s been much discussion on the battery size for Model 3 with many community members speculating that Model 3 battery capacity will fall within the range of 50kWh to 75kWh.

Founder of Model3Tracker Paul Carter notes that it’s unlikely Tesla will start off Model 3 production with an “unlockable” battery pack, wherein the vehicle would be outfitted with a larger-sized battery pack that would allow buyers to upgrade to more range via an in-car purchase. “I would guess the margins for a volume car won’t allow for that, especially during the ramp.” says Carter.

Other interesting Model 3 reservation stats being shared by Carter reveals that only 8% want a fully optioned Ludicrous upgrade. Nearly 11% of those polled want the dual motor configuration, range and performance, but without Ludicrous.

We’ve provided a breakout of presumed Model 3 options that reservation holders are selecting.

Tesla is expected to open the Model 3 Design Studio online configurator in June. Based on company estimates for Model 3 production ramp, Tesla could produce up to 110,000 Model 3 vehicles by the end of this year.

Source: Paul Carter via Teslarati Forum


93% of Tesla Model 3 buyers will likely upgrade from $35k base, suggests new poll data
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