Moon mining company eyes Elon Musk & SpaceX as partner

Moon Express, a startup company based in Cape Canaveral, has recently obtained permission from the U.S. government to travel to the moon and explore for resources, making them the first private company to do so.

Naveen Jain, founder of Moon Express, sees moon exploration as part of a larger, ten-year vision that could span anywhere from research facilities for needed Mars-bound technologies to honeymoon destinations. That, and he’s eyeing SpaceX as a natural launch partner in reaching for those goals.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Jain expressed his reason for getting involved in private space exploration as one we are familiar hearing from Elon Musk: Multi-planetary habitation as a backup plan for the survival of the human race. With such a compatible perspective, Elon Musk and SpaceX certainly would seem to have many reasons to work with Moon Express in the future. Jain also expressed his willingness to work with Elon.

Astronaut Scott at Moon Rover

Astronaut Scott at Moon Rover | Credit: SDASM Archives

With a launch date goal for 2017, Moon Express plans to send a rover to the moon’s surface to begin surveying its surface for the best locations for further operations to mine iron ore, water, rare Earth minerals, metals, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium-3. Jain believes that because the challenges presented by moon exploration are similar to those presented by Mars – challenges such as high radiation and vast temperature differences – SpaceX and Moon Express have plenty of reasons to work together.

Moon Express is one of many up-and-coming examples of how Elon’s vision and hard work have inspired others to follow suit. Even the language in this excerpt from Moon Express’s press kit sounds like something you’d see on SpaceX’s website:

“For the first time in the history of space travel, a private enterprise will leave this world to explore another.” –

It’s these types of grand visions that helped Elon Musk win the vote for “most admired” tech leader in a recent poll by seed-stage venture capital firm First Round Capital. Wanting to partner with someone that inspires humanity to keep pushing its own boundaries? Yeah, Moon Express. We totally get it.


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