Tesla Enhanced Autopilot ‘undergoing final validation’, OTA update any day now

The latest update on Tesla’s highly anticipated rollout of Enhanced Autopilot on self-driving-capable Model S and Model X vehicles is that it’s ‘undergoing final validation’, according to Elon Musk. The billionaire entrepreneur and CEO to Tesla has been replying to tweets from anxious Tesla owners over concerns on when version 8.1 with Enhanced Autopilot will arrive.

Two week ago, Musk noted that the team has been working seven days a week while preparing v8.1 for test complete and validation.

The tweet was followed by another tweet sent last week by Musk indicating that the company’s newest Autopilot might be ready by the end of this year. But Musk would preface that the effectiveness of Enhance Autopilot will arrive over time as the company continues to log driving data in ‘Shadow Mode’ collected through its fleet of vehicles.

As of today, it looks as if Enhanced Autopilot might be rolled out this weekend or during the first week of the new year. Musk noted in a new tweet that v8.1 is "almost there" and "undergoing final validation".

Though owners of new Model S and Model X equipped with the latest Full Self-Driving suite of 8 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors are understandably anxious - these vehicles have been operating without Autopilot functionality to date - the fact that Tesla isn't rushing out the over-the-air update is a good indicator that the company is being extra cautious with putting the new Autopilot features into the hands of drivers. Musk had mentioned that “most of Autopilot functionality” will be released in the upcoming v8.1 roll out which further validates that Tesla will be incrementally releasing features until there's a high degree of confidence that the actions taken by the vehicle are comparable to, if not better than, real life actions taken by human drivers.

Musk once said that Tesla aims to improve its self-driving algorithms until statistical data shows that its self-driving model is safer than actions taken by humans. It’s a step needed before regulators will approve of Tesla’s vision for an autonomous future.

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