Neuralink’s first patient pondering ways to support himself and his family

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Before he became Neuralink’s first human patient, 30-year-old Noland Arbaugh’s routine was restrictive. A lot of his and his family’s time was spent dealing with hospitals, insurance providers, and caregivers. He was also mostly communicating using a stick held in his mouth, which he uses to poke at an iPad. Since receiving his brain implant from Neuralink in January, Arbaugh’s life has changed, and in a recent social media post, he noted that he is now looking for ways to support himself and his family. 

Thanks to his Neuralink implant, Arbaugh is able to manipulate tech devices using his mind. This means that he can now use computers proficiently. He noted as much when he admitted that the first thing he did after getting his Neuralink implant was play Civilization 6 for several hours. Thanks to this newfound proficiency, Arbaugh is also now active on social media platform X, where he recently posted a poll about how he can help provide for himself long-term. 

As noted by Arbaugh in his post, he would like to find a way to provide for himself and possibly even help build a house for himself and his family. The Neuralink patient posted a few options on his polls, such as activities that he can now do due to his brain implant, such as streaming. Arbaugh also admitted that he has been quite hesitant to ask such a question, but he wishes to no longer be a burden to those around him. 

“Hey everyone! I’m in need of some advice. As was briefly touched on in the Bloomberg article today, I would like to find some way to provide for myself long-term, build a house for me and my family if I can, and not be a burden on those around me any longer. Below is a poll of just a couple of ideas I have and I’d like to know which y’all think is my best chance. If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment! Honestly, I feel weird even asking. That’s part of the reason why I haven’t done any of these so far. It makes me feel icky. Sorry to even bring this up,” Arbaugh wrote. 

The Neuralink patient’s poll attracted quite a lot of attention, including from Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk himself. Arbaugh’s poll included options for monetizing his accounts, streaming, using GoFundMe, or “all of the above.” Similar to other users, Elon Musk advised the Neuralink patient to go for all his options, though the CEO noted that Arbaugh should probably start with monetizing his accounts and streaming first. Other users also advised the Neuralink patient that he can also go speaking tours and other activities since his life is inspiring and unique

While Arbaugh’s poll is quite simple, its very presence highlights just how life changing Neuralink’s technology is to people. As noted in a Bloomberg News report, Arbaugh had actually attempted to get a job despite his condition in the past, but he has never been successful since he could not type fast enough. Things are a bit different with his Neuralink brain implant, however, so perhaps Arbaugh could achieve his dream of supporting himself and his family this time around. 

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Neuralink’s first patient pondering ways to support himself and his family
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