Neuralink searches for resident neurosurgeon in Texas

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Neuralink is searching for a resident neurosurgeon in Austin, Texas. The neurosurgeon will join the Neurosurgical Resident Innovation Fellow at Neuralink

Below is the job description and responsibilities of Neuralink’s resident neurosurgeon position. 

“As a Neurosurgical Resident Innovation Fellow at Neuralink, you will train with our neurosurgical leads to function as assistant or primary surgeon for experimental brain-machine interface procedures using human cadavers or large animal subjects. In addition, you will work closely with technical teams to continuously refine and innovate surgical techniques and provide usability and safety feedback. 

“You will also participate in engineering design reviews for new developments of the surgical robot, surgical processes, or implant. Additionally, neurosurgeons work with veterinary anesthesiologists and veterinary technicians to ensure the humane and ethical use of animal subjects.”

Recently, Neuralink’s human trial patient, Noland Arbaugh, shared his progress and experiment during the company’s PRIME Study. Currently, Neuralink aims to enable people with quadriplegia to control digital devices, improving their quality of life. 

Neuralink’s human trial, called the PRIME Study, is the first significant step to achieving the company’s first goal. The PRIME Study should provide a good foundation for Neuralink’s brain-computer interface implant, which will likely have more applications in the future.

Neuralink has many vacant jobs in various departments located in Austin, Texas and Fremont, California. Currently, it has open jobs in Research Services, Robotics & Surgery, Brain Interfaces, Operations, and Core Software. It also has several internship positions. 

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Neuralink searches for resident neurosurgeon in Texas
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