New Tesla Model 3’s special shock-absorbing tech explained by exec

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Tesla implemented a lot of improvements to the upgraded Model 3, from its sleeker exterior that optimizes range to its front seats that are now ventilated. Perhaps the most notable improvement in the new Model 3, however, is its more comfortable cabin, which is due in no small part to Tesla’s use of acoustic glass on all of the vehicle’s windows. 

Professional reviewers and owners alike have observed that the new Model 3 has become significantly more comfortable and that the vehicle has become better at taking bumps and imperfections on the road. When asked on X if the Model 3 Highland was equipped with the same comfort suspension as the Model Y, VP for Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy noted Tesla implemented something special on the improved all-electric sedan. 

As per Moravy, the upgraded Model 3 is fitted with a unique shock-absorbing technology dubbed “Frequency Selective Damping,” which essentially makes the “small nibbles in the road” disappear. In follow-up post on X, Moravy noted that it pays to know the human body and its resonance frequencies. 

“The new Model 3 has unique shock absorbing technology called Frequency Selective Damping, which improves ride comfort by isolating shake frequencies in your belly (4-6 Hz) without losing response in steering. Basically just makes the small nibbles in the road disappear,” Moravy wrote. 

Apart from discussing the Model 3’s shock absorbing technology, Moravy also shared a number of other key improvements in the all-electric sedan. These include the use of two microphones for phone calls, which should avoid echoes during calls. He also explained how the new Model 3 now has a lower energy consumption compared to its predecessor. 

“An extreme dedication to every Wh/mile (or km) consumed. Better aerodynamics, more efficient tires, improved HVAC efficiency, lower low voltage consumption, decreased brake drag… generally we view this as a system problem not a battery or component issue. Every point of consumption matters,” Moravy wrote. 

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New Tesla Model 3’s special shock-absorbing tech explained by exec
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