OPINION: Elon Musk’s transparency about combating mental health is being used as a hit by MSM

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Elon Musk’s wide-ranging interview with Don Lemon dropped on various platforms yesterday, and among one of the discussion points was the Tesla CEO’s use of ketamine to fight depression.

“You’ve admitted that you have a ketamine prescription,” Lemon, a former CNN anchor, asked Musk during the interview. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Musk replied.

Lemon dug into Musk’s reasoning for using the technique to fight depression. However, Musk seemed less than enthused to talk about his personal use of a doctor-prescribed medicine to fight what he called a “negative chemical state in my brain, depression, I guess.”

Feeling somewhat blindsided by the question, Musk made it clear it seemed like an invasion of personal privacy to ask about his prescriptions.

However, even though Musk was prescribed the treatment by a doctor to fight depression, mainstream media headlines have attacked the CEO for what they are describing as “drug use,” not giving any sort of context about the drugs, their effectiveness, or even the fact that they are prescribed by a doctor.

Instead, several outlets are leaving out key details, and in a culture where headlines are becoming all that people read, it seems misleading, scummy, and extremely wrong to leave out the fact that ketamine is not being used recreationally.

One headline, for example, reads:

“Elon Musk opens up about drug use, claims it helps him in running Tesla.”

The description of the article also reads:

“Elon Musk does not think drug usage will impact his companies, government contracts, or investor relations.”

Notice there is not a single mention of the fact that his “drug use” is prescribed and not recreational.

It is no secret that Musk’s viral clip of a singular puff of a joint that combined both marijuana and tobacco is still one of the highlighted points by many skeptics. In fact, the episode even caused his security clearances to be reviewed by some government agencies.

However, the lack of details in some outlets’ coverage of Musk’s ketamine use would leave the headline readers of the world to conclude that he is using drugs recreationally in an attempt to keep his daily tasks under a manageable state. In reality, Musk said he uses “a small amount once every other week, or something like that.”

The coverage from media outlets proves that Musk, who also said that people with depression should consider methods that are alternatives to traditional selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI).

Medicine is obviously a case-by-case basis, but as someone who has battled both depression and anxiety for the duration of my 29 years on Earth, it is upsetting to see someone be attacked for using techniques that work for them. This is not a case of a person using recreational drugs to manage day-to-day stress. It is, in Musk’s words, “literally a prescription from a real doctor.”

Elon Musk’s Neuralink and what it means for anxiety and depression

People who have followed Tesla for basically any period of time know that the company is routinely under fire for things like recalls, car accidents, and other things.

However, attacking the company CEO over his mental health battle and the techniques used to combat a mental health condition that is very widespread is a low blow.

In America, we have come a long way in the battle against mental health ailments. Once considered a taboo topic, mental health conditions are generally accepted by society now as regular and routine issue that a lot of people deal with. According to National Institute of Mental Health, more than 50 million Americans deal with some kind of mental health issue. This is roughly one in five adults, and this only accounts for those who actually get help for their issues.

In my opinion, Musk being transparent about his mental health and his strategies to combat it was a huge win, because many people look up to him. It is perfectly okay to not be okay, even when you’re one of the most innovative minds in modern history.

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OPINION: Elon Musk’s transparency about combating mental health is being used as a hit by MSM
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