Tesla beefs up Cybertruck security and improves Supercharger experience in new update

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Tesla is adding new security features to the Cybertruck in a software update that will affect towing and increase awareness of what is going on during towing.

The Cybertruck is Tesla’s first pickup truck, so it is still working to build out a well-rounded suite of features that will make it the most secure and robust on the market today.

With that being said, the latest addition to the Cybertruck is set to roll out with Tesla Software Update 2024.8.4, which will equip a new Trailer Alarm Feature.

The Trailer Alarm system will equip the security system featured in the Cybertruck to the trailer by monitoring the connection status of anything that is hitched to the all-electric pickup. Essentially, this means the alarm will now activate if the trailer is disconnected or messed with in any way.

The feature was first reported by Not a Tesla App.

“Your vehicle alarm now also monitors whether your trailer is plugged in to the hitch. The trailer alarm sets and turns off along with your vehicle alarm. You can disable this security feature in your vehicle settings at Towing and Hauling > Trailer Alarm.”

Along with the improvements to the Cybertruck’s security features by including the trailer in the alarm suite, Tesla is also helping those who do tow by highlighting which Supercharger locations include trailer-friendly stalls.

This feature was discussed just days ago by Wes Morrill, Tesla’s Lead Engineer for Cybertruck, stating that the Supercharger team is going to show which stalls would enable easier access for trucks hauling trailers.

We knew for some time that Tesla was planning to build Superchargers with Cybertruck-specific parking spaces, as the size of the vehicle was one thing the automaker focused on for future charging stations.

Tesla plans for Cybertruck-specific Supercharger spaces

Tesla first received approval for Cybertruck-specific parking spaces in 2020 after a Pasadena, California, Supercharger project was designed with the truck in mind.

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Tesla beefs up Cybertruck security and improves Supercharger experience in new update
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