Product Review: “The Creditor” – Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Money Clip Knife

I’ve never been a big fan of carrying a wallet and find myself forgoing the opportunity at every chance I get. Not because I don’t find them useful, but rather I think they’re awkward looking especially when squished into a pant pocket. OK, I can’t lie. I used to have a George Costanza wallet – a wallet so big that it’s exploding by the seams with God knows what receipt along with dozens of mystery discount and membership cards – until one day I lost it. My life as I knew it was gone.

And for that reason alone, money clips have always been my thing since. I’ve even gone as far as using rubber bands to secure just four basic necessities when leaving home – a driver’s license, a pair of credit cards and an insurance card.

I often scour the internet for the next coolest money clip, but nothing really struck my interest until this. It’s carbon fiber, D2 grade tool steel and it’s titanium, all wrapped into a 1.38 oz. compact-sized money clip with a utility blade made by famed knifemaker John Kubasek. It’s the Creditor from and I had to have one.


Initial Impressions

The Creditor is as thick as two or three credit cards put together and looks like an absolute work of art. It’s beautiful in every sense and I found myself not being able to look away from its stunning carbon fiber and titanium body. The Creditor has a solid feel despite weighing in at less than 2 ounces.

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The clip portion of the Creditor can serve as either a money clip or belt clip. It has quite a bit of tension, because of its black stainless steel composition, and doesn’t provide much play. You’ll really have to muscle in your credit cards and cash if you intend to use it as a money clip. My guess is that this will become more flexible and easier to use as a money clip once wear starts to set in.

The knife latches onto the carbon fiber and titanium body through a Derlin ball detent, thereby allowing it to click into place.


Carbon-Fiber-Money-Clip-Knife-Creditor-9 Carbon-Fiber-Money-Clip-Knife-Creditor-1 Carbon-Fiber-Money-Clip-Knife-Creditor-3 Carbon-Fiber-Money-Clip-Knife-Creditor-2

Like snapping two fingers together, flipping the blade out requires a flick of the fingers. The Creditor measures nearly 6″ in length (with the blade extended) and has finger indentations in the handle to allow for maximum grip and control. The Creditor’s blade is sharp and requires great attention when operating.


If you’re looking for something unique, a sure conversation piece and a far departure from your traditional money clip, then The Creditor fits the bill. As popular as this product may be due to its coolness factor, I’m pretty sure that this popularity wouldn’t extend to Airport Security so be sure to leave it at home before traveling.

The Creditor, a carbon fiber, titanium, money clip knife by John Kubasek is being sold through for $225.


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