Revel taps Tesla Charging alums for expansion and development

Credit: Revel

Revel has tapped several Tesla Charging alums for the expansion and development of its infrastructure in New York City as it continues to round out charger locations across the five boroughs.

The company will hire Henry Misas and Tedy Filis to fill the roles of Senior Design Manager and Senior Manager of Charging Deployment, respectively. They will report to Ed Noseworthy, another former Tesla Charging employee who is the Director of Design and Construction for Revel.

Revel is a ride-sharing platform in New York City that uses EVs exclusively and offers a wide variety of benefits for its drivers.

Revel looks to use Tesla’s abandoned Supercharger sites in New York

It has been operating in New York City for the past several years, and it is working to expand its footprint of charging stations across the five boroughs. Late last year, we spoke to Revel about its plans to provide charging across New York City, especially with the challenges it faces in Manhattan, where a vast majority of the City’s residents live but limited real estate to work with.

The challenges Revel has faced with expanding its infrastructure are now in good hands as it has brought on several former Tesla employees who were key parts of building what is the most well-rounded and robust charging infrastructure globally.

“Revel is building fast charging in the densest, most congested places in America. It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely necessary,” CEO Frank Reig said. “These are not one-size-fits-all projects, to get them done we need creativity and hustle. Henry, Tedy and Ed each have those qualities, making them a great fit for our team, and I’m excited to see what they bring as we undertake a major expansion over the next year.”

Misas spent over six years at Tesla as the Senior Design Manager, first working for the automaker in February 2018. He designed and installed over 100 new Supercharger stations and over 1,000 stalls in the Northeast U.S.

Meanwhile, Filis spent over three years with Tesla and was responsible for being the Regional Construction Lead for the Northeast. He held that position for one year at Tesla before moving on to Revel.

“On to the next chapter and excited to be back breaking ground in NYC again!,” Filis said on LinkedIn. “I’m joining Revel to help facilitate EV charging construction projects in the five boroughs and beyond — and these are no small sites. We’ve got a lot of work ahead and I’m excited to be helping Revel build an exciting future.”

Revel has some big plans for the rest of the Summer, including a new location in Lower Manhattan with 10 stalls on Pier 36. Additionally, it will also launch large-scale projects in Maspeth, Queens, South Bronx, and LaGuardia Airport, among others.

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Revel taps Tesla Charging alums for expansion and development
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