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Revel raises $126M in new funding round led by BlackRock, funds will expand fast-charging network

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Revel has announced a new funding round led by BlackRock Renewable Power, which resulted in $126 million Series B. The funds will be used to expand Revel’s infrastructure of electric vehicle fast chargers.

Revel raised $126 million with BlackRock, Toyota Ventures, Maniv Mobility, and Goodyear Ventures participating in the fundraising round. Other investors included Shell Ventures, Broadscale Group, the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund, Obsidian Ventures, and an account managed by Knighthead Capital Management, according to a release from Revel. The company also stated that representatives of BlackRock and Toyota Ventures will join Revel’s Board.

The funding round will be used by Revel to expand its network of EV fast-charging Superhubs in New York City and other urban centers, the company said. This will create the needed infrastructure for large-scale EV adoption, helping large cities like New York meet emissions reductions goals. Revel’s first Superhub is located in Brooklyn, New York, where the company is based and is accessible by the public and any EV manufacturer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Superhubs and other Revel-owned charging infrastructure will be supported by the rideshare service, which currently operates with a fleet of Tesla Model Ys. The company owns and maintains its fleet of all-electric Tesla crossovers and its drivers are W2 employees, providing stable income and benefits for full-time workers.

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The expansion of its charging network is a step toward creating a fleet of sustainable, rideshare vehicles in cities across the globe, not only in New York City. “When it comes to climate change, there’s no time to waste – the transition to electric mobility has to happen now,” CEO and Co-Founder of Revel Frank Reig said. “Urban charging infrastructure is the missing piece that’s kept millions of drivers from making the switch to EVs, and with this funding Revel will be able to build it in cities across the country.”

The funding round’s biggest contributor, BlackRock Renewable Power, also was supportive of Revel’s ambitious plans. “We are pleased to support Revel’s strong growth momentum as it continues to expand its EV charging infrastructure segment and ultimately help reduce carbon emissions in major urban centers,” Martin Torres, Head of the Americas for BlackRock Renewable Power, said. “This investment is highly complementary to our existing portfolio of investments in the rapidly-growing EV charging infrastructure space, which presents an attractive opportunity for our clients as we continue to support the energy transition.”

Finally, Toyota Ventures Founding Managing Director Jim Adler said, “Revel’s vertical integration of electric vehicle options on top of fast-charging EV Superhubs maximizes both consumer choice and infrastructure utilization. It’s the right strategy to provide accessible transit that lowers city carbon emissions, improves the health of the planet, and drives Revel’s success in the most lucrative markets in the world. Toyota Ventures is proud to support the Revel team as they reframe the future of mobility by electrifying transit solutions in dense urban areas.”

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Revel raises $126M in new funding round led by BlackRock, funds will expand fast-charging network
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