Rivian 2023.38.0 update revamps towing and Drive Modes [Release Notes]

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian’s latest over-the-air (OTA) update, version 2023.38.0, rolls out towing improvements and revamps the Drive Modes app. 

“Our vehicle software keeps getting better thanks to the direct feedback we receive, and this update was largely informed by our owners. We’re excited to see what these new features unlock for our community,” stated Rivian. 

Rivian’s last software update, version 2023.34.0, was released last month. It rolled out new speed options, range improvements, and more.

New Trailer Profiles

Rivian’s 2023.38.0 OTA update claims to take all the guesswork out of towing thanks to new trailer profiles. The new feature automatically senses the weight of a trailer and predicts the vehicle’s range needs. Rivian’s new Trailer Profiles feature enables drivers to monitor their cargo through a dedicated truck bed view through the rear-facing bed view camera in the R1T pickup truck. Drivers also can activate Snow, snow Sand, All-Terrain, and Rock Crawl modes while towing for Quad-Motor R1 vehicles.

Redesigned Drive Modes App

Rivian also redesigned its Drive Modes app with improved accessibility. The company relocated the Drive Mode settings to the left side of the screen, closer to the steering wheel, for easier access. It introduced flicking gestures so drivers could easily select their drive modes or switch between them. 

The new Drives Modes app provides drivers direct access to Rivian’s ‘Trailers’ tab to see up to three unique trailer profiles. Once a trailer is hooked up to a Rivian vehicle, it senses the weight and aerodynamics of the tow. Then, the Rivian vehicles will estimate the range of the vehicles based on the information gathered from the tow.

The Drive Modes app also has a new Gauge View, offering dynamic, real-time information about an R1 vehicle’s battery, motor temperature, torque, steering angle, tire pressure, and more. 

Below are the release notes for Rivian update 2023.38.0

RIVIAN R1T Release Note 2023.38.0 by Maria Merano on Scribd

RIVIAN R1S Release Note 2023.38.0 by Maria Merano on Scribd

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Rivian 2023.38.0 update revamps towing and Drive Modes [Release Notes]
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