Tesla cuts price of Midnight Cherry Red paint option

Credit: Tesla Europe/Twitter

Tesla cut the price of the Midnight Cherry red paint option in Europe, making the unique red color more affordable for customers. 

Tesla configurator page reveals that Midnight Cherry red now costs €2,600 (USD$2,743); previously, it was €3,200 (USD$3,376). The new price of Midnight Cherry Red brings it closer to the cost of Tesla’s Red Multi-Coat pain option in the United States which is priced at $2,000.

As of this writing, Tesla only offers the Midnight Cherry red paint option for Model Y units sold in Europe and the Middle East. The unique color option is developed at Giga Berlin’s next-generation paint shop, which only produces Model Y vehicles. As a result, Midnight Cherry Red is unavailable for Model 3 units sold anywhere worldwide. 

Demand for Tesla Giga Berlin’s Midnight Cherry Red color was evident by delivery estimates on the company’s website. In May, the estimated delivery dates for Model Y units in Midnight Cherry Red were between August to September 2023. 

Tesla Germany’s delivery estimates for Model Y units in other paint options, including Quicksilver, were between May to June 2023. As of this writing, paint options do not appear to affect Model Y delivery estimates in Europe, hinting that Tesla has found a way to meet the demand for Midnight Cherry Red Model Ys. 

Interestingly enough, Tesla Giga Berlin’s Quicksilver paint option costs more than Midnight Cherry Red now. It costs €3,000 (USD$3,165). The two new colors rolled out simultaneously are unique to Giga Berlin’s paint shop. However, Quicksilver has been eclipsed by Midnight Cherry Red’s popularity. 

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Tesla cuts price of Midnight Cherry Red paint option
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